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Bridge: A Minor Suit and Little Else Brings 3NoTrump

NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 3 of 3. next . Author: Larry Cohen. ... you can bid the other major first to set trump, and then use 4NT to ask for aces. ... 4th position, anything goes (partner is supposed to pass your 3rd- or 4th- seat Gambling 3NT). Over a 1st- or 2nd- seat Gambling 3NT (no outside aces/kings), ... Modern Bridge - Bobs Bridge Club NoTrump openers have no void, no singleton and at most two doubletons. So, distributions for NoTrump openers are 4 – 3 – 3 – 3 or 4 – 4 – 3 – 2 or 3 – 3 – 2 – 5 (5 card minor suit) or 4 – 5 – 2 – 2 - - - no other distributions fit the definition. Avoid opening NT with a small doubleton if possible. The Varied Meanings of “No-Trump” Bids The Varied Meanings of “No-Trump” Bids There are only 38 different bids in the game of Bridge: - 35 numerical, denominational bids ... The Varied Meanings of “3-No-Trump” A. An Opening Bid of 3 -NT in Any Position: = “Gambling 3 NT” = 9 11 HCP’s with a Gambling Three Notrump Is Old Hat - For Bridge Players Gambling Three Notrump Is Old Hat. The so-called “gambling three notrump” bid — a blind stab to win nine tricks in notrump — has been a popular tactic in tournament bridge for many years. It used to work far more often than not, and it sometimes produced fantastic results.

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Bridge Gambling No Trump - Gambling ... - Gambling Three No Trump. ... NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 3 of 3 - Bridge Articles - Bridge with Larry Cohen NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 3 of 3 ... Gambling 3 - Gambling 3NT

In a recent hand on BBO with a pick up partner I held KJxxx KQx Kx Kxx. I opened one no trump in first seat. Partner had a quantitative four no call in my opinion, but chose to bid six no trump.

It is a natural system using four-card majors and, most commonly, a weak no trump. Bridge | card game | Another feature is that one suit may be designated the trump suit (i.e., any card in that suit may take any card of the other suits), but the methods of designating the trump suit (or of determining that a deal will be played without trumps … Notrump Opening BIDS -- PART 3 of 3 - Bridge Articles - Bridge

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The Seven No-Trump Bridge Club. Home About Us Game Times Results Calendar Partnerships Teachers Upcoming Classes Directions Policies Monday, May 20 @ 10 am: Michaels ... What's Alertable - BridgeWebs, Web Sites for Bridge Clubs 3+ in a minor and 4+ in a major for opening bids, rebids and responses. § 4+ for an overcall at the one level, 5+ for higher levels. § 5+ for a weak two-bid. § 6+ for a weak three-bid. o. Notrump openings and overcalls: § A notrump opening or overcall if not unbalanced (generally, no singleton or void and only one or two doubletons) is ...