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The Ladykillers is a 1955 British black comedy crime film directed by Alexander Mackendrick for Ealing Studios. It stars Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers, Danny Green, Jack Warner and Katie Johnson as the old lady; Mrs. Wilberforce.

In THE LADYKILLERS, Professor Goldthwait Higginson Dorr, PhD. (Tom Hanks), a man who dresses like Colonel Sanders but whose rhetorical flourishes are as tangled as a kudzu vine. Dorr rents a room from Mrs. Munson (Irma P. Hall) and tells her that he and his band want to use her cellar to practice their music. The Ladykillers (2004) (Film) - TV Tropes The Ladykillers (1955) was remade by The Coen Brothers in 2004, changing the base of operations to a house connected to a Mississippi riverboat's vault, and including a significant subplot about the old (now) black lady's ironic support of Bob Jones University. It also increases the violence far beyond what would have been acceptable when the original was made. The Ladykillers - Wikipedia

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Coen Bros: The Ladykillers : Todd Alcott ... his goal in The Ladykillers is to steal a bunch of money from a riverboat casino. ... Then there's Gawain MacSam, who's a skinny, trash-talking black kid, played .... at the end of the day, just another ignorant southern black woman, too stupid ...

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Coen brothers get very defensive when asked why their movies are ... Would you cast white people as slaves and black women whipping them as the ... A few more interesting characters, Karen in Goodfellas and Ginger in Casino ..... version of the movie; Marlon Wayans also had a big part in "The Ladykillers." ... The Ladykillers (2004 film) - Wikipedia The Ladykillers is a 2004 American black comedy thriller film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The Coens' screenplay was based on the 1955 British Ealing comedy film of the same name, written by William Rose. The Coens produced the remake (their first), together with Tom Jacobson, Barry Sonnenfeld and Barry Josephson.

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The exterior shot of the riverboat casino is an actual casino on the Mississippi River, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Ameristar lettering on the "paddlewheel" was edited out, and the movie casino's …